The most important requirements that logistics companies are faced with today include high flexibility, smooth processes and low failure rates. In addition, a high degree of individual extensibility and interchangeability of the conveyor components is expected. flexlog has made it its mission to fundamentally change the control concepts in conveyor systems in order to enable these requireemnts for the first time. 

Can a conveyor system run without central control?

Yes, if each module is equipped with its own intelligent controller and these are linked together via powerful algorithms. 

How fast can layout adjustments be carried out in a conveyor system?

Within minutes! Components can be easily replaced and integrated into the system via Plug & Play. The concept of a flexible conveyor system is very simple: individual conveyor modules are plugged together in a modular system using Plug & Play. After connection to the power supply, the modules are immediatly ready for use. From this moment on, the material flow is completely regulated by a decentralized logic. Building a conveyor line becomes child's play, almost as simple as putting LEGO® bricks together. 

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