Our ProfiNet and EtherNet/IP capable flexboxes offer everything
from simple I/O modules to Plug & Play capable, decentralized
control and decentralized material flow computers
- even for the most complex conveyor systems. 

Our fieldbus modules communicate via ProfiNet and EtherNet-IP and also support our in-house FlexNet, so that intralogistics processes can be controlled without system disruption. Thanks to the simple, flexible assembly concept, your conveyor system is ready for use in no time at all. The control modules are simply clipped onto the side of your conveyor system and then communicate with each other. The flexbox enables you to set up your own Flex Conveyor© flex conveyor© or Gridsorter©.



General Features:

  • Simple connection to PLC via EtherNet-IP or ProfiNet
  • Communication of the boxes via FlexNet
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Support of decentralized power supplies
  • 2 motorized rollers (supported by Interroll, Itoh-Denki, MTA)
  • Connection of 4 sensors possible
  • HTML 5 based configuration
  • Online-Updates
  • Switch with 2 Ethernet Ports

flexbox 2.0

Bild neue flexbox DE -


Configure your individual module!

  • Up to 4 motorized rollers and 8 sensors
  • 24V/48V motorized rollers as well as 400V drives
  • Variety of supported industrial protocols

flexbox© orange

Orange has local functions and can operate sections autonomously: Local conveyor module processes are mapped in the module (e.g. transport control in a converter). In addition, the modules can also communicate with neighboring modules and thus completely autonomously control sections. For easier configuration, orange can automatically detect the topology of its section.

Item number: BOG01-OR01 / BOG01-OIOR01


  • Autonomous control of partial routes
  • Optional I/O port (4 I/O + 2 O)
  • Internal current measurement
  • Branch capable
  • External connection of accessories (barcode scanner, RFID, etc.) or scales/strapping
          machine etc. possible via SPS/MFR
  • Continuously new functions through online updates
  • Switch with 3 Ethernet ports

orange advantages

Autonomous decentralized control.

Predictive maintenance via internal current measurement.

Configuration via internal website, no additional software required.

Local functions e.g. local control of converters or congestion sections.

flexbox© green

The most intelligent of our flexboxes is more than just a control module. Green contains an integrated decentralized MFC, which completely replaces your conventional PLC and MFC. Enjoy the advantages of a Plug & Play capable conveyor system, which you can convert at any time in case of topology changes by simply replugging, without major time and cost expenditure. With green very short commissioning times can be realized.

Item number: BOG01-GR01 / BOG01-GIOR01


  • Functions of the orange edition
  • Plug & Play capable
  • Simple conversion possible by customer
  • Very short commissioning times
  • Integrated decentralized MFC replaces conventional PLC and MFC
  • Simple external connection of ERP systems, accessories (barcode scanner, RFID, etc. ),
         scales or strapping machine etc. with local evaluation and processing
  • Visualization of the entire system (system status, tracking information, etc.)

green advantages

Massive reduction of commissioning times.


High availability, downtimes are avoidable.

Simple and fast adaption of material flow.

Realization of rental concepts for conveyor technology possible.

Einfache direkte Anbindung und Verarbeitung von externen Komponenten z.B. durch Barcodescanner.

Platform-independent visualization.

flexbox© blue

With blue motor rolls can finally be controlled by a bus. The two motor connection sockets make it pos­sible to control 24V motors as well as 400V drives. The bus compatible 24V motor rolls were developed in cooperation with the company MTA. With blue it is not only possible to control the motors by bus but also to position them like a stepper motor. In addition, blue includes all features of the flexbox orange so that individual functionalities can also be performed locally and sections can be operated autonomously.

blue Textartikel EN -
blue Textartikel EN -

Item number: BOG01-BUR01 / BOG01-BUIOR01


  • Functions of the orange edition
  • Control of 24V motors by a bus
  • Control of 400V drives
  • Most precise positioning
  • Optional I/O Port (4 I/O + 2O)


Cabling concept

The control modules black, orange, blue and green can also be combined so that the control of your conveyor system exactly meets your individual requirements.

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