The sensor platform for your IIoT application 

Absolute orientation through measurement of environmental data
and decentralized evaluation of all collected results. Everything
totally clear and independently configurable on one platform.


ORBIT G is much more than just a sensor for position detection and offers you the platform for data acquisition for your IIoT applications. Determine environmental data such as air pressure and temperature, record the absolute orientation in the room and evaluate your collected data locally.



Web-based configuration

Configuration via platform-independent web application, as well as offline mass configuration.



Modern internet protocols

Configuration of the system and transmission using the latest internet protocols (e.g. MQTT).



IIoT cloud

Collect the results of your data evaluation automatically, e.g. in the SAP cloud. 


Dezentralized data evaluation

You can program a local data evaluation yourself, e.g. using "R".



Integrated Ethernet switch

Easily connect multiple sensors in series. No separate infrastructure necessary. 



Data acquisition

Determination of the absolute orientation in the room and environmental data such as air pressure and temperature. 


Item Number: CMS01-SGR01

The base-sensor ORBIT G can simply be attached to your application and measures environmental data such as pressure, temperatur and humidity, as well as the absolute orientation in three axes. The connection via Ethernet as well as the 24V power supply ensure a stable connection without the need for regular battery changes. The sensors can also be connected in series via the switch without any problem. 


Item number: CMS01-EBR01

The external sensor ORBIT I can simply be connected to ORBIT G and attatched in hard-to-reach places. This allows you to measure the absoute orientation in three axes of even your smallest devices.

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