Customized solutions

Adapted to your needs

No suitable solution for your application in our product selection so far? We would be pleased to develop electronics, hardware or software in the field of intralogistics and materials handling technology together with you – perfectly tailored to your needs.

Example – LAM IO

Load handling equipment, for example, usually requires a whole lot of cables to the arm out. Due to their constant stress, they wear out very quickly, which entails high costs due to the constant need to replace cables. To prevent this from happening in the future, we have developed the LAM IO module.

There are clear advantages to this module. It ensures that the number of cables to the arm out is kept to a minimum. This not only saves material costs, but also time, as this considerably reduces maintenance time for the arm out.

The module is very small and therefore requires very little space, which is usually very limited at the arm out. The aim of the LAM IO module is to be able to store and retrieve the load carrier up to four times deep. This requires five fingers.