The IIoT platform for your intralogistics system

As a holistic solution for the visualization and optimization
of your plant, HORIZON supports you and your team in daily
tasks and improves your processes by intelligent systems.

Modular, customizable, scalable

Do you only need certain functions or do you want the complete package? You have the choice!
Assemble your platform from the following modular components.



Complete overview of your location including detailed information on individual components
Material Flow Controller
Efficient transport route calculation and central control of complex processes
System for automatic recording of disturbance and ticket generation
Process performance monitoring and statistical analysis for process optimization
Complete planning of predictive maintenance and maintenance measures

Your intralogistics system at a glance

Would you like to have an overview of your plant and would
like to map complex systems or processes? A visualization
of your system offers a complete overview about the states
of individual components and the entire material flow.



Handling complex processes

We are the market leader in online routing strategies deadlock
and livelock prevention in complex
material flow systems.
Part of this is the efficient calculation of transport distance,
the bidirectional routing and the integrated replay function.

TO Material flow Controller

Optimize your processes

You want to recognize bottlenecks and weak spots in your
material flow and counteract this with a quick reaction?
Use our process analysis tool, which will support
you to get to know the comfort status of your system.


Fully automated ticket generation

You want a consistently and trackable process to record
and rectify malfunction in your system? 
Our malfunction
message & ticket system warns you immediately in case
of incident
and supports elimination of faults.



Individual assignment of maintenance tasks

Benefit from our maintenance system and save your time.
The system controls your maintenance measures,
by reporting and recording the areas to be maintained and
individually assigning the maintenance task to employes.

TO Maintenance

Questions about individual modules?

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All interfaces are
individually adaptable

Safe, faultless and com-
plete transfer of your
data and high flexibility
in use of hardware.


Multivendor-capability conveyor technique 

HORIZON enables both the connection of new systems,
as also existing systems from every manufacturer.


Application possible
any end device

Intuitive navigation through responsive design. Multi
touch-enabled and end
devices independent. 


User-dependent view and rights management

Self-contained, simple administration because of easy connection to your internally existing user management. 


Complete overview of
systems and processes

All processes, workflows, employees and objects are well-arranged on one platform - everything at a glance. 


High cybersecurity
through encryption

Functional separation of front and back end, as well as data exchange via exclusively encoded connections.


Would you like an overview of your plant and would like to map complex systems or processes?
With the system visualization, you not only receive information on individual material flows, systems, actuators or sensors, but also an overview of the location of your entire system.

Anlagenvisualisierung Textartikel EN -
Anlagenvisualisierung Textartikel EN -
Anlagenvisualisierung Textartikel EN -
Anlagenvisualisierung Textartikel EN -

Your entire system at a glance
Complete location overview with practical status reports for each individual hall. Exact tracking including traceability and history through documentation of your material flow.

Maximum system overview down to the last detail
Comprehensive information about individual workstations, components and states, as well as detailed information about individual components and states up to the sensor-actuator level.

Cost reduction through time savings
The ability to generate, review and delete transport orders via the system visualization supports you in your planning process and saves time and personnel.

Easy change between manual and automatic
Intervene in your material flow and simply switch between manual, semi- and automatic operation. Individual motors can be switched on and off manually.

 Material Flow Controller

Do you need a reliable control for complex processes such as the connection of an AGV fleet,
a warehouse pre-zone conveyor technology or a shuttle control? 
Our centrally controlled material flow controller
optimizes your throughput, routes bidirectionally and prevents dead and lifelocks.

Handling complex processes
Automated, comprehensive control of the entire logistics process across a wide variety of intralogistics systems. All system states and individual modules can be traced in real time.

Efficient routing algorithms
Fast response times and high flexibility in the routing of materials, as well as the prevention of disruptions through a patented algorithm with guaranteed freedom from deadlock and lifelock.

Wide range of developed modules
Individually configurable, fully developed modules can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing logistics system. No unnecessary costs for functions that are not required.

Planning security through scalability
Thanks to the distributed computing capacities and the modular structure, an individual yet scalable solution is made possible. Error states are recognized immediately by the replay function.


Are you not satisfied with superficial information? Would you like detailed analyzes
and evaluations of the condition of your system? 
Then we recommend our process analysis, which uses statistical
evaluations to show you the comfort status of your system.

Optimization of all intralogistics processes
The process analysis generates detailed statistics that show the optimization potential of your system. Among other things, statistical key figures such as throughput, utilization or availability.

Identification of weak points and disturbance sources
You receive utilization overviews and malfunction heatmaps as a graphic representation of the identified weaknesses and bottlenecks so that you can counteract them as quickly as possible.

Monitoring trends
Based on the evaluation of long-term developments, our Analysis provides feedback on new work processes, as well as comprehensive trend analyzes and efficiency evaluations.

Recommendations for action to optimize efficiency
Our process analysis monitors the status of your individual system components and downtimes, evaluates their data in real time and can thus evaluate the upstream and downstream processes.


Technical disruptions impede your material flow and lead to downtimes?
A quick detection and elimination of sources of interference without time-consuming troubleshooting
is therefore your top priority when operating your system?

Ticketsystem Textartikel EN -

Recording of all technical malfunctions
Any form of technical malfunctions and process malfunctions are recorded and reported in text form or by graphical display, if desired. Sources of interference of any kind are recognized immediately.

Integrated ticket system
Fort he targeted rectification of faults you can choose to manually create tickets or to integrate the ticket creation as an automated process and thus relieve your maintenance team.

Traceability through history
The entire history is recorded so that you can view and track all malfunctions and ticket distributions. If necessary, additional information on the source of interference can be displayed.

Practical push notifications
In order to handling the tickets, our ticket system enables a person-related assignment to the responsible persons by e-mail or a practical push notification directly on mobile phone.


Don't worry about planning complex maintenance processes anymore! 
Our maintenance system relieves you of maintenance management and informs you in good time
if maintenance is required for systems or system parts.

Consistently documentation
Guarantee of maximum availability through automatically generated maintenance reports, which make the work of your maintenance team easier. Avoidance of documentation errors.

Control of all maintenance measures
Reduction of failures and consequential damage through preventive maintenance. Areas or components to be maintained are reported and can be linked to a spare parts management system.

Extension of the durability of your system
Integrate the maintenance tasks into your planning process condition or time-based and save time in the implementation of your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks.

Optimal capacity utilization of your employees
Create absolute planning reliability for production processes by assigning maintenance tasks individually to responsible persons and guaranteeing rapid implementation.

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