Our HTML5 visualization with intuitive layout is automatically generated by describing the plant layout in AML. Quick and easy adaptation to any modifications. You not only receive a clear display of all system statuses and tracking information, but also an overview and detailed layouts of the entire system. The multi-touch enabled web app can handle any browser and is therefore independent of end devices (tablet, PC, smartphone).

Plant visualization

The display of the systems in 2D topologies includes information on the system hierarchy, modules, load carriers, routes and faults. The layout is adapted to the project-specific conditions. Interfaces for integrating the visualization into existing systems are possible.

Services/ features:

  • 2D overview of complete systems
  • Representation of subsystems (2D side and plane views of shuttle storage systems, individual shuttles and conveyors)
  • Tracking of all system components
  • Display of statuses such as ID, position, battery charge level, orders
  • Configuration creation
  • Error messages
  • Calculation and storage of key figures/statistics for data analysis
  • Cloud integration (FCRS, FDA)
  • Embedding in existing, superimposed systems
  • Platform independent (tablet, PC, smartphone,...)
  • Support of all common browsers (including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.)
  • User-friendly handling (including multi-touch)
  • Integrated user management

Data flow analysis

The visualization not only displays the systems layout, but also carries out highly complex statistical evaluations and extrapolation of key figures such as throughput, run time and capacity utilization and prepares them graphically. We can adapt these to your specific customer requirements.