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Idea / Philosophy

Designing complex conveyor technology systems to be as simple as possible – that is the goal of the flexlog GmbH. We support our customers from the first idea to the concrete programming and installation of the new systems. Individual wishes are our top priority.

What fuels us

More and more logistics businesses demand more flexible systems that guarantee hassle-free operation and the lowest error and failure rates possible. Furthermore, the systems should be customizable and individual components replaceable. The flexlog GmbH has developed a modular system that meets all of these requirements.

Systems manufacturers also profit from this development: they can provide their customers with innovative and flexible products that are unique on today's market.

How we think and act

Intelligent, decentralized control for conveyor systems

Intelligente und dezentrale Steuerung


Most conveyor technology systems are built in a centralized manner. In particular, this means that the “intelligence” of the systems is contained in a single component such as a switchboard or an SPS control system. If this component fails, the entire system fails with its. Repairs are only possible require a large effort.  Customizations within such systems are also difficult and linked to high time and cost factors.

flexlog solution: Intelligent control for the conveyor technology – smart conveyors.

The flexlog GmbH develops autonomous, intelligent, and interconnectable control systems that adapt autonomously to changes without external intervention. The system thus regenerates itself in the case of an error.

Simple modular construction kit by Plug & Play



The design as well as the operation of complex conveyor systems is generally costly and time-consuming. Despite careful planning in advance, problems often only become apparent on site. Both systems manufacturers and logistics businesses know this problem that may lead to displeasure on both sides.

flexlog solution: Plug&Play conveyor technology – Plug&Play conveyors

The innovative product developments of the flexlog GmbH greatly simplify the design and operation of the conveyor technology systems for the customer, the manufacturer, and the technicians. The individual components only need to be connected on site, and upon doing so, they resume their autonomous operation, as is usual with Plug&Play.

Flexible adaptation to different requirements



Both manufacturers of conveyor systems and logistics businesses have a growing need for flexible adaptation and expansion of their conveyor systems. However, often this is not possible or only possible with a large effort. The reason for this is the rigid conveyor technology that – once installed – only leaves a small margin for innovation. Often, the wish for system expansions or rearrangements demands entirely new planning and construction.

flexlog solution: Easily and intuitively configurable conveyor technology – configurable conveyors

The products of the flexlog GmbH guarantee a simple adaptation to the dynamically changing requirements in the operation through the above-mentioned Plug&Play principle. This makes it possible to implement flexible and intuitive configurations as well as individual customer wishes.