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FlexControl – the flexible configurator

Conveyor systems that are based on our FlexTechnology can be monitored without great effort with the help of a configurator. The configurator, FlexControl, is based on HTML and can thus be called up on any system with a browser and a network connection (iPad, AndroidTablets, desktop computers, etc.)


The following functions are integrated into FlexControl:

  1. Retrieval of the current status of the entire system and each individual conveyor module
    • Module types, measurements, IP addresses, etc.
    • Sensors (light barriers, etc.)
    • Actuators (motors, etc.)
  1. Material flow regulation/control
    • Setting the distribution for switches/transfers, etc.
      Definition of routes for (un-)directed flow of materials
    • Error recognition

FlexControl has two modes of operation:

1. FlexLogic

In the FlexLogic mode, no individual settings are necessary. As soon as a starting element was issued a target, FlexLogic finds the target independently. FlexLogic thus replaces the currently obligatory material flow calculator. Through the independent topology recognition, routing, and route planning (including alternative routes), deadlocks and failures can be avoided.

2. FlexBasic

The FlexBasic mode is ideal for simple systems with predefined routes. The routing paths of the topologies can be adjusted manually in the configurator.