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Decentralized control – Modular construction kit with FlexTechnology

Our FlexTechnology offers flexibility in its most open form. For the first time, it enables a decentralized control of the conveyor technology in your business. The underlying principle is very simple: Individual modules are assembled and connected by Plug&Play like in a construction kit. The FlexTechnology system remains individually expandable for you – without complicated, time and cost-consuming planning and installation.

The FlexTechnology construction kit consists of predefined mechanical modules. Each individual module is equipped with a decentralized control unit in the form of a micro-controller. By plugging together the modules, the controls are connected through the integrated interfaces.

On the other hand, this also means that individual elements can be replaced at any time. The innovative Plug&Play system permits this at any time, so that your conveyor system is secured in case of both widespread failures and for flexible expansion.

An overview of the advantages:


vorteile flextechnology

Simple and flexible

The FlexTechnology can be adapted easily to your needs. Our software independently recognized the routing paths and automatically finds alternative routes in the case of possibly occurring problems. For you, this means: No deadlocks, no collisions, and no programming effort.

Plug & Play

Our software automatically recognizes new topologies allowing it to be adapted at any time. For example, if a module fails, it may be replaced at short notice without adversely affecting the other elements. This is made possible by the decentralized control technology. After removing the defective module, the new replacement module can simply be inserted into the conveyor system in a Plug&Play manner.

For you, this means: Our decentralized control modules increase system availability because only individual parts can fail and may then simply be replaced through the Plug&Play system. Total failure of your conveyor system is thus impossible.